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Kingsley Napley welcome employees back to a new agile and flexible office

Opening their doors post pandemic to a dynamic open plan, activity based environment, law firm Kingsley Napley is excited to welcome their colleagues to a new 6 floor location at 20 Bonhill Street.

The fully inclusive design by KKS Savills features 21 workplace settings to encourage collaboration, virtual meetings and private working.

02 – 1 Person Fitted Drop-in Booth
03Collaboration Area
04Quiet Room with Desk
05 – Work Station (Sit/Stand)
06Fixed Height Work Station
07Laptop Chair
08Stand Up Meeting
09 – 4 Person Covered Booth
104 Person Open Booth
11Quiet Library
122 Person Closed Booth
1312 Person Meeting Room
14 6 Person Open Round Booth
15Single Person Pod (High Bench)

16 – 4 Person Collaboration Area
17Single Person Closed Booth
18Single Person Covered Booth

19 Six Person Meeting Room

20 – Collaboration High Bench
21 Informal Quiet Space