48 Hours In Copenhagen



In August 2023, KKS Savills along with the global furniture dealer Insidesource visited Copenhagen.
The purpose of this trip was to admire and get inspired by Danish design and also to explore the Normann Copenhagen showroom as their new HQ.


Flying from London bright and early, we aimed to make the most of our two-day stay. We took a quick train ride from the airport directly to the historic city centre of Copenhagen. The bustling bicycle lanes with commuters on their bikes, locals busy grabbing their morning coffees from meticulously designed chic cafes furnished with Danish-made furniture and decor. We couldn’t resist the temptation, so we stopped at a charming bakery called Andersen Bakery to sample a traditional strawberry dessert.

After taking a stroll around the city, we made our way to the Normann Copenhagen showroom. The exterior of the building itself didn’t appear particularly remarkable; it had been left mostly untouched, retaining its original bricks and upper-floor windows. However, the interior was a true architectural gem. Originally, it had served as a printing house designed to house heavy machinery. Their approach to renovation demonstrated a deep respect for the building’s original features and a commitment to preserving its historical ambience. Concrete beams, along with the exposed concrete ceilings, contributed to the building’s overall industrial feel. An innovative acoustic solution had been integrated into the concrete ceiling to enhance sound quality, seamlessly blending with the original materials.


Normann Copenhagen HQ


Our showroom tour commenced on the 5th floor, which served a dual purpose as an eatery and a breakout room for the Normann Copenhagen staff to connect and recharge. Here, we were treated to lunch prepared by Normann’s in-house chef. It was a delightful experience as we indulged in the flavours of Danish cuisine while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere.

We proceeded with our tour, descending floor by floor until we reached the ground levels. The entire showroom functioned as an exhibition, with each area and room offering a distinct atmosphere, a personal palette of colours, and a display of both new collections and favourite products. It was a journey through diverse design spaces, each telling its own story and showcasing the essence of Normann Copenhagen’s creativity. We transitioned from darker and moodier areas, where a modular sofa showcased its flexibility, to brighter and more soothing rooms that embodied the Scandinavian essence. Here, the design was a beautiful fusion of elegance, blending the raw appeal of concrete, the sleekness of cold steel, and the comforting warmth of veneer and wool boucle.

Normann Copenhagen’s HQ is home to a design team, administration staff, and a fully equipped workshop. Their workspace is bathed in natural light, and thoughtfully designed to enhance productivity and promote staff well-being. Each meeting room fosters diversity and offers team members the freedom to select their preferred environment. In line with the evolving trends in interior design, the concept of ombre is gaining prominence. This can be artfully represented through elements like curtains or carpets, adding a touch of contemporary elegance to the overall design scheme.

The ground floor functions as the primary reception area and provides access to a charming courtyard. The reception desk and shelving embrace an industrial design, harmonising seamlessly with the building’s original features. They introduced soothing mint green paint and curtains to infuse a sense of tranquillity into the space, balancing the overall raw and industrial ambience.



  • The Bit Stools are crafted entirely from recycled household and industrial plastics, contributing to sustainability and eco-friendliness. These stools are available in various shapes and colours, making them versatile for use as additional seating, decorative pedestals, or side tables, catering to a range of functional and aesthetic preferences.
  • The Burra Collection, aptly named after the Italian round cheese, burrata, comprises exceptionally comfortable dining and lounge chairs. With their rounded design, they infuse interiors with a sense of softness and comfort. Circular shapes are currently a prevailing trend in interior design.


Copenhagen Design

Left: Bit Stools Right: The Burra Collection


Our second day in Copenhagen was dedicated to an exploration of the city itself. For the adventurous among us, the day began with a truly Danish tradition—a refreshing early morning swim in a harbour bath followed by breakfast, of course, it had to be a cinnamon bun. The exceptional weather, a rare treat in Copenhagen, encouraged us to embark on a boat trip, commencing from one of the city’s most iconic locations—Nyhavn. This historic area, once a bustling commercial port, welcomed ships from all corners of the globe.

Another unmissable experience on our agenda was indulging in some design shopping. Copenhagen offers a vast array of options, from exquisite furniture showrooms to charming ceramic workshops and enticing antique stores. One particular favourite of ours was Studio Arhoj, a ceramic workshop where the artistry happens right before your eyes. Be prepared for a slightly warmer room temperature, but the vibrant and playful ceramics on display make it all worthwhile.

Our journey through the city also led us to numerous antique stores, where we couldn’t help but fall head over heels for Danish porcelain. Their traditional blue and white porcelain pieces exude a timeless elegance. Before boarding our late-night flight, we concluded our final day at a hidden gem called Raffen. Once a forgotten and dusty harborside, it has undergone a remarkable transformation into a hip and inviting destination with an infectious positive energy—a perfect spot to gather with friends, have dinner, and enjoy a few drinks. And since we found ourselves surrounded by the sea, there was no way we could resist indulging in some grilled seafood, a culinary delight that perfectly complemented the seaside atmosphere and stunning sunset.


Left to Right: Adela and Beau in Copenhagen, Studio Arhoj, grilled seafood


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