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Our Trends & Predictions One Year On

Huge disruption can bring about positive change. The resilience we acquired during the pandemic will be vital in tackling the challenges ahead. People want normalcy, to touch and feel; we thrive in communities. It’s time to transform your business, communicate with your staff and learn from your experiences. Climate change isn’t waiting, sustainable and environmental concerns are real, time to act is now. Let’s get ahead.

We should design and build for what really matters to us. The last few months have taught us important lessons. How will we work out our future path from here? By listening, learning and looking forward. For many employers the biggest, and quite possibly the most intimidating challenge ahead, will be realising the ball is in the employee’s court. Hearing what they say, how they want to work, designing the office space to overcome fear and anxiety is the task ahead.

Offices are not obsolete but they must evolve to accommodate how people will want work in the future. The physical office is the lynch pin and vital to supporting healthy corporate culture and success, both for individuals and the wider business. People have sampled the advantages they have at home; natural light, access to outdoor space, no commute and potential to achieve a good balance between home life and work, it is not beyond imagination that they will want to continue with this, at least in part where they are able. Communications have changed, facilitated by technology, and this will evolve as we return to the office. There will need to be a new vocabulary of tools to aid in a seamless agile home-hub-office lifestyle.

So before pre-determining a real estate solution, consider what potential there is for the future – the valuable lessons we have learned, the benefit we gain from being with colleagues and peers and how resilient we are – and translate this into the office of the future. We knew change was coming, it has just arrived sooner than we thought. Let’s take this opportunity to get it right.

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