BCO NextGen Awards 2019


Industry News

Katrina Kostic Samen, head of workplace strategy and design, has been awarded Inspirational Leader of the Year at this year’s British Council for Office (BCO) NextGen Awards. The ceremony was held on 12 November 2019 in London.

The award recognises a senior industry member who has led the next generation of office talent. Katrina’s work as BCO President driving diversity within the industry, establishing a mentorship programme and continuously pushing for change marked her out to the judges as an inspiration for the next generation.

“I feel incredibly honoured,” responded Katrina “and particularly proud of my KKS team, who are my inspiration. The fact that nominations come from NextGen members themselves makes it really special: one of my main priorities last year as BCO President was to mentor and support young people in our industry. I’m looking forward to continuing that with Savills.”

Well done Katrina!

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