110 Bishopsgate


Heron Tower by KKS Savills photography by Tim Soar
Heron International

110 Bishopsgate

Size (sq ft)
669,000 sq ft
Strategy and Design

110 Bishopsgate, a successful commercial and retail development on Bishopsgate comprising of 669,000 sq ft

110 Bishopsgate offers high-quality office spaces with a unique design featuring transparent structures, glazed lift cars, and internal office ‘villages’ with triple-height atriums.

Prior to the building being completed in 2011, Savills Workplace & Design collaborated with KPF to review various atrium options for the typical floorplate, focusing on net lettable area per floor and flexible floorplates for diverse occupiers. After evaluating the efficiency of each atrium option, KKS recommended aligning the structural and planning grid for uniform offices, enhancing marketability despite increased construction costs. The core was reconfigured to maximize views, with toilet blocks relocated and prime floor areas designated for reception and conference spaces. KKS also developed a tenant handbook detailing space planning, sub-division, and fit-out options.

In 2019, Savills Workplace & Design refreshed the main entrance lobby, building on the aquatic theme delivered by the impressive fish tank behind the reception desk. The tank holds 70,000 litres of water and is home to 12,000 fish, and is central focal point for the lobby. The project involved retention of the existing reception desk, preserving the familiarity of the space and enhanced by a new bespoke rug, designed to add splashes of colour and pattern in the existing recess. This rug was crafted in the UK, ensuring high-quality local craftsmanship.

The seating area features a variety of individual armchairs, upholstered in warm, textured fabrics. These armchairs are be paired with side tables, all made from sustainable materials, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility. A table equipped with integrated power outlets is installed for visitors, providing a convenient touchdown spot for those needing to charge their devices or do some last-minute work. Capitalising smart technologies, an alternate digital display check-in system will be set up, streamlining the visitor registration process and enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Heron Tower by KKS Savills photography by Tim Soar
Heron Tower by KKS Savills photography by Tim Soar
Heron Tower by KKS Savills
Heron Tower by KKS Savills

In 2020, Heron International undertook building upgrades and, within this initiative, reviewed the demand for space at basement level. The bicycle facilities needed improvement and the aim was to provide an offer for their tenants in line with the high standard of amenities that recent developments had delivered. This included rationalising and re-planning of the basement which housed bicycle parking, showers, changing, lockers and drying room over two floors.

The final design solution rationalised the previously over-sized building management facilities and added a staff welfare facility. The removal of the car parking enabled co-location of the cycling facilities, which were previously distributed over two levels and enhanced the showers and lockers.

Heron Tower by KKS Savills
Heron Tower by KKS Savills
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Our tenants were looking for a value add at 110 Bishopsgate, and we delivered a world of class cycle and shower facility enhancing our commitment to well-being at Heron. Through our long-standing relationship with Savills Workplace & Design, we also provided a lobby refresh with enhanced collaboration and social areas, recognising the agile work-life aspect of our occupiers.

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Andy Burnie

Asset Management Director

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