Abu Dhabi Airport

Within the next few years, 20 million people are expected to use Abu Dhabi International Airport as their origin, destination or transit point for international and domestic journeys.

Abu Dhabi Airports is tasked with ensuring that the airport is able to provide world-class services that meet this demand over the coming years. This is part of the Government’s Plan Abu Dhabi 2030, an Emirate-wide strategy to cater for Abu Dhabi’s business and tourism growth.

The Midfield Complex is integral to the plan—transforming the desert into the ‘Garden of the Gulf’ through a design that responds to its natural environment, while meeting the needs of the rapidly expanding capital.

On plan, the X-shape provides the greatest programmatic efficiencies enabling the terminal to extend from 39 to 49 gates which would ultimately process around 50 million travellers each year.

KKS collaborated with KPF re designing and rationalisation 96 front-of-house and 65 back-of-house WC blocks and making onsite construction far easier for local contractors. This involved amending existing drawings and creating new construction details, research into new products such as cubical and wall ducting access systems, specification of lighting, fixtures, fittings and finishes.

A toilet mock up peer review was first compiled by KKS after visiting the site in Abu Dhabi and subsequent amendments and design rationalisation was based upon these findings.