Baker McKenzie


Baker McKenzie, one of the leading global law firms, is on a journey to define their accommodation and workplace strategy requirements as part of a working methods pilot in advance of the lease expiry on the current premises in 2023. KKS completed Phase 1A of this journey – a review of Baker McKenzie’s long-term strategy – and were appointed to undertake Phase 1B: designing Baker McKenzie’s new ‘Proof of Concept’ space on Level 4, 100 New Bridge Street, which will be trialled by the Corporate Legal team when this project completes in early 2019.

The previous occupants of Level 4, the Business Services team of 147 employees, have been recently relocated to a swing space at 5 Fleet Place. The move provided Baker McKenzie with an opportunity to implement alternative, agile ways of working. KKS migrated the Business Services team from predominantly fixed cellular offices to an open-plan environment providing them with variety and a choice of work settings, along with a reduction in area.

By removing an existing staircase, we created a ‘work hub’ for employees to use as a meeting space or an alternative place to work upon arrival. Breakout areas, social spaces and agile furniture all contribute to new ways of working.

Previously distributed around a core, the team are now together in a single, visually connected space, which enhances collaboration and communication. Everyone now benefits from the natural light and the workspace is a vibrant, creative environment.

“Just wanted to say that now we’re in, the place looks great! So light to what we’re used to, it makes all the difference. Lots of communal areas to meet and the whole place just feels like a ‘nice place to work’. A great job by your team… looking forward to 4th floor and beyond!”

– Jon North, Creative & Brand Manager, Marketing & Bus. Development, Baker McKenzie