Cannon Place

Developed by Hines UK, designed by Foggo Associates, Cannon Place is an office development set above Cannon Street Station. The building offers 389,000 sq ft of office space over eight storeys with the re-configured station forecourt at ground level.

KKS initially benchmarked the development team’s proposals against KKS standards and competitor developments, advising on lift, WC and reception scenarios.

The General Arrangement Plans were then reviewed from an occupiers perspective. Loading bay and servicing arrangements, building entrance, reception and security were analysed, along with occupational densities and floorplate configuration.
Potential subdivision strategies, size and planning efficiency (with banding studies undertaken on grid options) were also taken into account along with core configuration and toilet strategy.

To ensure the proposed M&E Services had sufficient flexibility and longevity for potential tenants, KKS planned a variety of tenant mix scenarios. Industry sector benchmark data was used to test heavily serviced areas e.g. the size and capacity of restaurants and client suites, to future proof the services strategy.