CMS Nabarro Olswang

When CMS announced that they were going to merge with Nabarro and Olswang, they initiated the biggest merger in law firm history and KKS were engaged to assist in bringing all of the firms together in CMS’s existing offices, Cannon Place.

CMS were in already in occupation on levels 1, 2 and 3 and increased their tenure to include level 6 and two-thirds of level 7.

KKS facilitated the change management process and communication of the brand strategy. Presentations to all 1,700 employees to explain the organisation’s vision and proposed transition were critical to engage staff and essential for a change proposition of this scale.

The change management scope spanned the wider aspects of the new business, in addition to supporting Nabarro and Olswang with the transition from cellular to open-plan work settings.

Enabling each group to personalise their workspace was critical to the success of the new working proposals and in providing a sense of identity to both teams and individuals.

New, large collaboration areas were provided to promote communication, innovation and mentoring and to foster successful relationship building amongst new colleagues.

A fast-track 6 month programme was set, to fit out 100,000 sq ft of new space and re-model 75,000 sq ft of existing space, and met by the KKS and consultant team..

The project team were open, collaborative and co-operative, working towards a collective goal, which ensured a cohesive design delivered to schedule.