Case Study

Lime Rock

Lime Rock is a US private equity partnership in the upstream oil and gas sector. In 2012, to confirm their global presence and local London market expertise, Lime Rock opened an office at 20 Berkeley Square (3229 sqft) initially on a short lease.

KKS were appointed as interior architects to design a space that reflected their brand of understated professionalism and its international reach, mindful of a short lease and limited budget. KKS involvement was bespoke and highly collaborative; client and executive space was decorated with dramatic images of Lime Rock oil installations, combining business, brand and interior design.

The design response also incorporated a strategic element allowing expansion within the space. By 2014, the firm had grown and KKS were engaged again to design the interior.

The right client experience was delivered through a cost-effective spend on colour, carpet and furniture. Contrasting dark veneer and white marble created a contemporary, elegant whole with colour accents and leather referencing Lime Rock’s US roots. Built-in joinery meant an efficient use of space for art in corridors, and within offices, work walls ensured space in which visiting colleagues and the increased employee numbers could work.