Silvergate Media


Occupying one floor of a multi-tenanted building, the offices for Silvergate Media are required to support a number of diverse business groups from television to fashion, while providing a unifying appearance to the office space as a whole.

The client was keen to be distinct from the conventional corporate office. The brief called for an interior environment that is mid-century modern – think Mad Men with a twist.

When arriving in this space, guests are greeted by a reclaimed refectory table illuminated by a chandelier contrasting with a Crittall-glazed suite of meeting rooms that make up the visitors’ space.

Floor coverings are predominantly black, with shag pile adding an unusual dimension to the meeting rooms. The meeting rooms are furnished with specially selected pieces of furniture and joinery, incorporating audio visual equipment. Meeting room walls are finished in coloured glass cloth to act as a foil for the client’s collection of artworks.

The workspace design ensures that all employees, whether in offices or open plan, benefit from close proximity to perimeter natural light.

Shortlisted in the British Council of Offices Awards 2017 in the category of ‘Projects up to 1500m2 – London’.