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This whitepaper explores change transition management when helping lawyers to adapt to significant workplace transformation by running smaller-scale proof of concepts – enabling people to engage with the opportunities, ask questions and build their confidence before the big day. Click here to read more.

A second glimpse into our design studio.

This whitepaper explores current trends, predictions and facts and what they mean for the future of the workplace.

One year on from our first survey last year, we explore if and how views and preferences have changed over time, including further sectoral and EMEA insights.

Workplace post COVID-19. Trends, predictions and facts. This whitepaper explores current trends, predictions and facts and what they mean for the future of the workplace.

This report explores the key trends and themes from the results of our Office FiT survey, addressing the impacts of Covid-19, how it has changed our thinking and accelerated the evolution of the office for both occupiers and owners. 

A glimpse into our design studio.

Your safe return to the workplace
Create your home office.

 BCO Awards 2023

Articles & Blogs

Kirsty Toye shares best practice on managing change in the workplace

Yetta Reardon Smith on why we need to design the workplace with everyone in mind

Carl Mitchell worked on the transformative project with a rewarding social initiative at its heart

Yetta Reardon Smith shares quick impact ideas that can make a big difference

Katrina Kostic Samen & Oana Nastase share their insights on logisitcs.

Katrina Kostic Samen joins the debate about the future of the office as Covid-19 ushers in a period of “revolution, not evolution”.

Caroline Pontifex talks to ZDNet on office life and the workplace following COVID-19.

Katrina Kostic Samen speaks to American Lawyer on the future legal workplace following the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Katrina shares her insights into the evolution of the modern workplace, highlighting the research and creative projects at KKS Savills.

Katrina Kostic Samen uses her position within the real estate and construction industry to promote a strong female agenda, support the next generation and champion buildings that have a heart and soul.

Podcasts & Interviews

The pandemic has significantly influenced occupier real-estate strategy. Katrina Kostic Samen joins the conversation on major redevelopments taking place in cities.

A look back on the London Real Estate Forum (LREF) 2021 in the Barbican, 29-30 September.

Katrina Kostic Samen, KKS Savills & Victoria Bajela, Savills discuss changing occupier demand and the evolving office.

The End of the Office? Katrina Kostic Samen looks to the flexible future of work and business with Ballymore.

Katrina Kostic Samen discusses the role of the office and how offices will change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We explore attitudes to working remotely, the return to the office debate and the importance of office culture and transforming workspaces.
Zoom meetings and working from home. Two habits which office workers have picked up during the enforced lockdown. But will these behaviours habits stick? Katrina Kostic Samen gives her thoughts to Evan Davis.
Katrina Kostic Samen joins Savills colleagues Jon Gardiner, Cal Lee and Eri Mitsostergiou to examine the future of work and the role of the workplace following COVID-19.
Katrina Kostic Samen discusses how workplaces and habits could, and possibly should, evolve over time following Covid-19.

NLA – Back to the office

Katrina Kostic Samen speaks to Amy Till about the challenges facing those transitioning back into office buildings, and how Covid-19 may impact the future of the way we work long-term.
Finding the cultural motivation behind a business, and what makes them tick.
The industrial & logistics sector has often been perceived as being behind the curve when it comes to concepts like wellness, but this is starting to change especially as ESG continues to race up the agenda for landlords, developers and occupiers alike.