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We are Change Makers

We have a deep understanding of how people relate to space, and how that space can be shaped to help both individuals and organisations thrive. Our intent is to make every space in every part of every person’s day both fitting and uplifting.

Interior Design for Pasha by KKS Savills Workplace. Photography by Tim Soar




Through our extensive experience working with different occupiers and understanding their needs, we provide advisory services that inform and shape the design of new build or refurbished office buildings. We work with development and architectural teams, collaborating though peer reviews, planning studies and workshops. We help shape the design to support the future needs of the occupiers. Our development strategy services can add value for early concept through to preparing to lease.

  • Base Building Definition (BBD)
  • Best practice Design Standards
  • Core Configuration Studies
  • End of Journey Planning Studies
  • Floorplate Analysis
  • Marketing Space Plans
  • Marketing Suite Design
  • Marketing Visuals and Styling
  • Occupational Density Studies
  • Peer design Reviews
  • Servicing Strategies
  • Specialist Areas Reviews & Design
  • Targeted Market Sector Testing
  • Tenant RFP Design Assistance
  • Tenant Test Fits, Blocking & Stacking
  • Test Fit Space Plans

Our occupier strategy services assist clients with their broader real estate strategies. Whether it’s a pre-let opportunity or a portfolio review, we can support occupiers align their wider real estate design solutions with their business strategies. We evaluate options and shape solutions to specific requirements and set high-level strategy for relocations, refurbishments or reconfigurations.

  • Best Practice Site Tours
  • Building Blocking & Stacking
  • Building Test Fits
  • Commute Analysis
  • Design Briefs
  • Design for Tenant Requirement Modifications
  • Design Guidelines
  • Leadership Visioning
  • Occupancy Briefs
  • Occupier Analysis
  • Portfolio Reviews & Space Benchmarking
  • Restacks, Expansion & Contraction Strategies

How should your space best support your people, their diverse set of needs, and often changing organisational structure? Our approach to workplace strategy combines data analysis with stakeholder engagement to unify a hierarchy of needs and set the direction for workplace transformation.

  • Desk-top Studies
  • Deep-Dive Engagement Remits
  • Leadership Visioning Workshops
  • Project Tours
  • Proof of Concepts and Pilot Studies
  • Representative Focus Groups
  • Expansion & Contraction Strategies
  • Scenario Planning
  • Space Benchmarking
  • Space Budgets
  • Space Planning
  • Stakeholder Interivews
  • User Agility Profiling
  • User Experience Design
  • Utalisation Studies
  • Workplace Effectiveness Surveys
  • Workplace Standards
  • Workplace Strategy Brief

Our award-winning design team provides a full range of services, from concept design through to design management, creating inspiring spaces to work and thrive in. From single offices to the headquarters of multi-national firms, we can work on projects across the globe.

  • Decoration Refreshes
  • Design for Landlords
  • Design for Occupiers
  • Design Management for Contractors
  • Design & Build Procurement
  • Traditional Procurement
  • RIBA Work Stages 0 - 7

For landlords, asset and building managers, we can provide design services from light refresh through to significant refurbishments. Whether it is end-of-journey, reception area, core or CAT A spaces, we have an architectural team focused on breathing new life into tired buildings.

  • CAT A & CAT A+ Design Services
  • End-of-Journey Designs
  • Landlord Area Refreshes
  • Occupier Space Refreshes
  • Reception Refreshes
  • Terrace Design

When buildings that require significant refurbishment, change of use, extension or re-clad, we partner with trusted teams to deliver the architectural services from strategy to implementation.

  • BIM & BIM Modelling
  • Design & Build Procurement
  • Drone Surveys
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Matterport Cloud Surveys
  • Photographic Surveys
  • RIBA Work Stages 0 -7
  • Traditional Procurement

As well as preparing great spaces to work from, we prepare your people for using their new space. Supporting people through their individual change journey is essential to achieve a successful workplace transformation – our approach involves three phases: Commit, Connect and Consolidate.

  • Change Champion Training
  • Change Network Formation
  • Comms Strategies, Support and Actions
  • Collateral Design & Production
  • Day-in-life Visualising
  • Defining Change Objectives
  • Defining Change Vision
  • Engagement Channels
  • FAQ development
  • Focus Groups
  • Microsite Content Development
  • Operational Group Training
  • Readiness Assessments
  • User Engagement
  • User Group Training
  • User Protocols

A workplace should evolve and flex to meet requirements post-move in. Post occupancy reviews gather valuable information on user satisfaction, identify unforeseen stress points and help re-calibrate agility protocols, team neighbourhoods and desk sharing ratios.

  • Benefit & KPI Tracking
  • Moves & Changes
  • Neighbourhood recalibrations
  • Occupancy Data Analysis
  • PO Feedback Reviews
  • PO Workplace Effectiveness Surveys
  • Space Refreshes
  • User Protocol Refinements

We love research. It underpins all of our advisory work and we focus a good proportion of resource each year on collecting, investigating and interpreting emerging occupier trends. We share this research through our blogs, white papers, podcasts, conferences and updates to our clients.

  • Blogs
  • Client Updates
  • Conference Speaking Events
  • Engagement with Industry Orgs
  • National, Regional and Global Surveys
  • Podcasts
  • Research Papers
  • Trends Data Analysis
  • White Papers


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Beauty from Within

Yellow Square


Meaningful change is measurable, and our creative approach is structured by hard organisational, environmental or commercial objectives. But we never forget the softer values – of health, wellbeing and joy.

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Interior Design for Varde by KKS Savills Workplace. Photography by Tim Soar

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