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We are more than just a studio

We are proud of our heritage. Together with a new generation of leaders, our founders have nurtured a diverse and progressive working family that welcomes creativity, adds value and, above all, has fun.

Our Team

Athina Trapezountiou

Athiná’s creative talents and technical expertise play a vital role in delivering Savills Workplace & Design integrated design and strategy approach. Athiná coordinates the complex design and technical elements of significant, high-value projects as well as advising on new ways of working to create agile, high-performance spaces.

Committed to the benefits of holistic design solutions, Athiná also brings her PassivHaus technical expertise in sustainability and energy conservation to residential benchmarking and research services.

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Beau Becquart

Beau fuses a feel for the contemporary with classic design principles to create residential and commercial spaces with a fresh, engaging and sophisticated aesthetic that foregrounds clients’ identity and needs. A background in decorative arts and an extensive understanding of historical and contemporary design blended with an in-depth knowledge of the latest workplace trends inform Beau’s design ethos, characterised by texture, layer and unfailing attention to detail. Priding himself on the relationships he forges with stakeholders at every stage and level, he ensures that each space is perfectly attuned to their requirements.

His work at Savills encompasses a wholly bespoke office for a Mayfair investment firm and boutique City financial-legal firm MJ Hudson’s relocation to three listed townhouses. Recent projects include the new Savills residential office in Bath, the St James’s HQ for wealth advisory firm Stonehage Fleming – fusing the business’ heritage and contemporary design – and the distinctive new London home for family office Sutton Place. Currently, Beau is working on the extension of law firm CWT’s London office, which he originally designed back in 2019.

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Blair Boyle

Blair’s talents lie in designing workplaces that spark curiosity and joy.

He is passionate about creating considered workplace experiences through furniture, finishes and utilising a space’s natural qualities. Blair’s expertise encompasses 2D Planning, 3D modelling & visualisation and FF&E Specification – all contributing to strong concept development and delivery creating unique and bespoke projects.

Blair was part of the team that delivered full interior architecture services for a global technology firm, reimagining their existing office space as a client experience centre. He was closely involved in the concept development, 3D visualisation and 2D plans, as well as issuing design reports and managing client feedback. Most recently, Blair has been working with a private equity firm in St James’ Quarter, delivering 14,000 sqft CAT-B fitout.

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Carl Mitchell

Carl has developed his interior planning and design management skills over 30 years and multiple industry sectors. His insights regularly earn client accolades for rapid response and cost-effective solutions.

Currently, Carl leads the Savills Workplace & Design D-LITE service line. Clients draw on his extensive experience in project management, design and delivery programming to deliver Interior fit-out projects which have a fast programme and /or restricted budgets. Carl also has a track record of delivering Prestigious and complex projects. As a design manager, Carl’s close working relationship with clients encompasses the coordination of technical document production, relocation management and project phase implementation, liaison and coordination.

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Caroline Pontifex

Caroline has spent her career advising major organisations on workplace strategy, design and change. As a founding member of the KKS team, she now leads the studio as Head of Workplace & Design, overseeing consultancy work for developers & occupiers and design projects in the UK and across EMEA. As a recognised thought leader in occupier trends, Caroline regularly speaks at conferences, contributing to the conversation around the future of commercial real estate.

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Dan Gardner

Maths, chess & art. The three areas that Dan excelled at throughout his academic life translate into the steady backbone of his professional career. Data, strategy & aesthetics.

In 20 years as a workplace strategist, Dan has transformed occupier data into actionable analysis on which businesses and developers have made informed real estate decisions and maximised the use and potential of buildings.

Dan specialises in strategic briefing, space analysis, re-stacking and space planning. He provides leadership to the strategic team analysing complex planning and layout scenarios, bringing to bear creative problem-solving based on workplace trends and best practices to optimise business performance. He has experience from small UK firms to large global firms, working in person and remotely to deliver strategies across all commercial office industry sectors and even into the industrial & logistics sector.

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Eduardo Santanna

Eduardo has over 20 years of experience working within high-end commercial, luxurious hospitality and prime residential sectors advising clients worldwide on the research, application, specification, procurement, cataloguing, collection management and acquisition of high-end furnishing materials, antiques and fine art.

He studied the History of Modern Art, Antique Appreciation, Curating and Museum and Exhibition Display and continues to explore spatiality and materials in a contemporary language focussed on trends, advancing manufacturing technology, innovative materials and sustainability.

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Edward Jalmaani

As an accomplished Interior Designer, Edward possess a robust background in Architecture, Interior Design, and Museum Education, culminating in a decade of successful experience in executing highly acclaimed commercial and workplace projects.

His skill set includes proficiency in turnkey project development, demonstrating expertise in managing projects from their conceptualization to flawless implementation with meticulous attention to detail and technical precision. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated an adept understanding of industry-standard practices and innovative design techniques, allowing him to deliver remarkable and functional spaces that meet and exceed client expectations.

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Emma Kennedy

Emma undertakes the development analysis, space planning exercises and benchmark evaluations that support Savills Workplace & Design strategic advice.

A key strategic team member, Emma works with architects, developers and consultants to review base build schemes for flexibility, efficiency and usability, bringing the occupier’s voice to commercial developments, future-proofing assets. She also works with occupiers on their accommodation strategy, expansion and contraction of space, testing how buildings can work best for them.

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Faith Nelson

Faith is a graphic design and marketing coordinator, who embarked on her journey with Savills Workplace & Design in April 2023. With nine years of industry experience, a strong foundation in Graphic Design and a keen eye for aesthetics, Faith seamlessly integrates her creativity with strategic marketing insights to drive impactful results.

Faith plays a pivotal role in shaping the brand identity of the studio. Serving as a brand guardian, Faith ensures the seamless transition and harmonious relationship between Savills Workplace & Design and the wider teams. With a background in digital marketing spanning four years, Faith holds the reins in managing diverse facets of the company’s online presence. Her responsibilities include the oversight of social media marketing, website design and development, creation of marketing collateral, managing public relations initiatives, and orchestrating seamless event experiences.

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Jade Alvarez

Jade’s focus is design concept and development, with every project fundamentally human-centred. Her creative experience runs from bespoke furniture to agile workspace.

Jade’s expertise lies in transforming the project vision into reality by understanding the client’s needs. With a strong passion for delivering efficient and inspiring spaces, she takes projects from conception to completion to create exciting interiors.

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Keith Goodwin

With over 35 years of experience in Architecture and Interior design across many sectors, Keith brings a wealth of technical experience and knowledge to Savills Workplace & Design.

His background as a Designer gives Keith the ability to interpret the requirements of the project team allowing him to provide a fully compliant and coordinated package of technical information, and along with his capacity to problem solve and material knowledge will enable the contractor to deliver the highest quality of finish.

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Kirsty Toye

Kirsty takes a user-centred approach to delivering transformational workplace change, optimising workplace effectiveness and employee experience.

She has experience working with clients across a range of sectors, developing workplace and change strategies that reflect the unique requirements of each organisation and its people to ensure a successful outcome.

Kirsty has a background in psychology and is an experienced Change Management Practitioner, focusing on the individual change journey to harness commitment and engagement that will smooth the transition and enable people to thrive.

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Laura Woolcock

With a background in social sciences, Laura is well-positioned to design workplaces that support employee interaction and collaboration.

Laura plays a key role in the workplace strategy team at Savills Workplace & Design. User experience is her particular focus, and her expertise lies in uncovering and communicating the needs of occupiers of space. Throughout her career, she has developed bespoke digital employee engagement tools that provide the necessary understanding of occupier and employee requirements which then become the foundation of any workspace that supports enjoyment and productivity.

Her project portfolio covers a wide array of sectors, from law firms, insurance brokerages and financial institutions to multi-national corporates and higher education institutions. Recent clients include the University of Northampton, SThree, Clyde & Co, RSM, Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance, Fidelis and Octavia Housing.

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Livia Dicenso

Livia developed her design talents in Italy, along with her technical and CAD expertise. Her focus is user experience, well-being, and sustainability in the workspace.

With a Master’s degree covering architecture and landscape, conservation, structure and industrial design, she brings a broad perspective to her projects at Savills Workplace & Design.

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Matthew Grout

As a senior technical design coordinator, Matthew leads the Technical Design Group focusing on supporting the overall team to ensure client satisfaction through quality, buildability and compliance.

Matt leads Savills Workplace & Design projects through the technical design phases to on-site delivery. His involvement begins with translating client and architect vision into a buildable reality, identifying and resolving challenges collaboratively. Matthew also supports the architectural and strategic teams with technical evaluations and redevelopment feasibility studies aimed at creating additional NIA and through comments on construction detail opportunities and risks.

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Nikos Papapetrou

Nikos brings his design flair and passion to every project, creating unique spaces which delight our clients.

Nikos develops designs rooted in strong concepts that tailor to client needs, and express brand identity and business culture. He is highly skilled in 3D modelling and visualisation and prepares packs that include detail drawings and materiality, joinery and finishes specification. His passion is to improve people’s lives through design by creating beautiful spaces.

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Oana Nastase

Oana combines architectural design with strong technical knowledge to deliver high-quality projects for commercial and residential clients.

Oana is fully engaged in coordinating projects from the feasibility stage to completion and has extensive experience overseeing projects throughout all the RIBA stages. Her experience covers workspaces for high-profile clients, residential projects, new developments and refurbishments, and educational projects in the UK and abroad. By enhancing her technical know-how, Oana has proven her keen aesthetic sensibilities and architectural approach to all project-related matters.

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Paul Butterworth

Paul has worked as a commercial and corporate designer since 1986. He brings to Savills Workplace & Design the extensive creative experience that implies a special focus on the design process and delivery of quality detailing. Paul brings a wealth of experience to clients throughout the design process, whether he is ensuring the design team has a clear brief to collaborating with specialist contractors to deliver a quality fit-out on-site. Design is a philosophy and way of life for me, a mutual respect for people and place makes for great design.

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Rebecca Eracleous

Rebecca has 30+ years of experience in managing office operations. She is a core team member of the studio, with an inherent understanding of its operations and management.

Rebecca’s organisation and efficiency ensure the seamless day-to-day running of the studio, supporting all of the team in key elements of the business including finance, HR and facilities. She has excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with strong relationships with colleagues and clients alike.

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Shoshana Goldstein

Shoshana challenges clients to explore new ways of working, tailoring designs for the building location and client identity. Passionate about the uses, emotions and interactions that happen when experiencing architecture, Shoshana designs innovative spaces that inspire the user.

She is highly skilled in 3D modelling and visualisation, she has been part of the team delivering full-service design. Previously, she has delivered designs for commercial, financial and higher education clients, giving her a well-rounded holistic view of the workplace across different sectors. Shoshana would describe herself as a ‘happy hand sketcher’; she enjoys putting pen to paper to transform her ideas into exceptional design.

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Trevor Campbell

Trevor’s experience of managing technically complex projects and his forward-thinking approach to design make him a valued member of the design team.

With over 20 years of building and design experience working on retail, healthcare, commercial, leisure, transportation, educational and residential development projects, Trevor brings extensive experience across a variety of sectors. He has a proven ability to ensure the projected architectural design is functional, safe, and economical, and meets the needs of the client.

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Yetta Reardon Smith

Yetta’s expertise lies in translating data into effective workplace strategies that support business success, performance, and productivity.

She leads workplace strategy and research at Savills Workplace & Design, exploring and analysing evolving trends and improved methodologies to deliver a better user experience and business outcomes. Yetta has collaborated with a wide range of organisations across multiple sectors. Her thought leadership work includes various publications on office design, workplace diversity, and the long-term impact of COVID-19 on people, places, and processes.

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About Savills Workplace & Design

We bring both start-up spirit and professional insight and our studio adds entrepreneurial edge, independent thinking and a distinctive style to a vast network of expert knowledge.

Clients choose us because they are valued as participants in the project journey. We invite them in and give them ownership of the process. The results of this close dialogue are hard benefits: better ideas have room to grow.

As facilitators of dialogue, we are also in a unique position to shape attitudes on sustainability, making connections and sharing knowledge. We believe strategy and design are equally creative, beginning with beautiful data, rigorously collected and interpreted with imagination.

Both are informed by a deep understanding of how people and organisations relate to space and a belief that architecture is, at heart, all about human experience.

We shape places and space to help people thrive.

KKS Savills Meeting Room
  • 2004 KKS Strategy


    KKS Strategy

    In 2004, KKS Strategy was founded by Katrina Kostic Samen. With a keen eye for design and a passion for strategic planning, Katrina established a company that would go on to redefine the world of workplace design and strategy.

    Notably, Rebecca Eracleous has been a dedicated member of our team for two decades, embodying the enduring commitment and expertise that has shaped Savills Workplace & Design.

  • Nutmeg House


    Nutmeg House

    “Having started out in serviced offices in 2004 a new journey begins with our first KKS Studio fit out at Nutmeg House.

    The wooden floors and barn style doors opening out to the street together with the clean white furniture gives the space an open and light feeling.

    KKS Strategy has arrived.”

    Rebecca Eracleous
    Associate Director, Savills Workplace & Design

  • Chancery Lane


    Chancery Lane

    “The KKS office space on Chancery lane was a quirky U shape with odd changes in level and sloping ceilings, over those three years we grew in numbers and although the space was cramped it helped form a special bond between the staff at the time, many who are still long term friends.

    The office itself was well situated between the city and the west end, easily reaching clients, the multitude of local pubs on chancery lane and fleet street certainly helped after a long, busy day.”

    Dan Gardner
    Associate Director, Savills Workplace & Design

  • KKS Strategy 10th Anniversary


    KKS Strategy 10th Anniversary

    In 2014, KKS Strategy reached a significant milestone. It had been 10 years since our first client had come to us, and I’m happy to say they stayed with us. We had learned a valuable lesson during those years, realising that real estate was a deeply personal matter.

    Our goal had been to create a superior working experience for individuals. From that initial client relationship, we had established all our subsequent connections with developers and occupiers who had faith in our work, as it had proven to be beneficial for them.

  • Great Peter Street


    Great Peter Street

    “Great Peter Street is where KKS really grew into the practice we have today! We moved here from Chancery Lane which was half the size, and it allowed us to more than double in people over the last 7 years – and we have filled every inch of it with our creativity!

    The abundance of natural light, children laughing from the school next door, Tony on the front desk and space to spread out make dealing with the dodgy heating a little more bearable. GPS is warm, energetic, vibrant (chaotic?) and inviting which sums KKS up to a tee!”

    Emma Kennedy
    Associate Director, Savills Workplace & Design

  • 2019 KKS Savills


    KKS Strategy partners with Savills to create new market leading workplace consultancy service

    On June 4, 2019, Savills acquired KKS. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone, as it will establish a new UK-based client service for Savills, the international real estate advisor.

    This integration will serve as a vital link to augment Savills’ occupier services, landlord leasing, mixed-use development, and building & project management offerings, ultimately delivering a comprehensive solution geared towards enhancing the occupier experience. We are thrilled to join forces with Savills to continue our mission of shaping the future of workspaces and creating better occupier experiences.

    “The growth and success of KKS is a reflection of the passion of our team who are constantly driving to deliver a first class client service and push the boundaries to embrace new innovations. The occupier is the heart and soul of any building and, in Savills, we feel we have found like-minded people with the energy and motivation across a global network to take the occupier experience to the next level. We are very much looking forward to collaborating and innovating to redefine the workplace and build better performing communities for occupiers.” says Katrina Kostic Samen.

  • Directors of KKS Savills Workplace - Paul Butterworth, Yetta Reardon Smith, Caroline Pontifex and Carl Mitchell


    Caroline Pontifex appointed as Head of Workplace & Design at KKS Savills

    Caroline has over 35 years of experience in the real estate sector and was a partner of KKS Strategy, which was first established by Katrina Kostic Samen in 2004, before being acquired by Savills in 2019.

    As part of her new role, Caroline will be supported by the studio’s leadership team comprising Yetta Reardon Smith, Carl Mitchell and Paul Butterworth. The leadership transition coincides with the 27-strong team relocating from its current Great Peter Street base in Victoria to a new design studio within Savills Margaret Street HQ.

  • The Savills Workplace & Design team at the works Christmas party 2023.


    KKS Savills becomes Savills Workplace & Design

    New name, same team!

    Led by Caroline Pontifex, Savills Workplace & Design will continue to deliver a full-service interior architecture and design, development advisory and workplace strategy for occupiers and landlords.



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