The latest Office FiT survey results are launched


Industry News

Following our 2020 report, our latest survey explores if and how views and preferences of the office have changed over time. Jeremy Bates, Savills EMEA Head of Occupational Markets, says:

“Two things stand out for me from our Office FiT 2021 survey results: firstly, even after more than 18 months of the pandemic and various working from home guidance during that time, the office is here to stay but, secondly, it needs to change. Employees are looking for their bosses to provide them with a safe and productive environment with the employee at the heart.”

Mike Barnes, Associate Savills European Research, adds:

“Since our previous survey results published in June last year, the preference to work in a town/city centre has risen from 40% to 52%, as lockdown measures have eased and workers seek a return to working in city centres. Similarly, the need for flexibility is on the rise and will become more and more important, as illustrated by the growth in preference for working in client and flexible offices.”

“We will see a flight to quality workplaces among occupiers, as companies will use their real estate as a differentiator to secure, and keep, the best talent.”

The full Office FiT survey results can be viewed here.